The Technology Behind VIVI Products

ViviCap1 has been scientifically proven and tested to keep your insulin at its right temperature even in extreme temperatures!

Thousands of Satisfied Customers!

I purchased it for my son, so his insulin is kept cool while he's outside. It's very convenient since he does not have to do anything !:) It is really small, sits inside his bag and when I checked it, the insulin was cool. Keeps him safe and that's what matters.

- Omar Spence

“I've studied the cooling bags and when I learned about this one, I was skeptical. The cooling bags did not work for me, is this one any different? Well, the short story is that it works. If you continue reading, you'd find out why I say that. First I've measured the temperature of the insulin with one of these infrared thermometers. When it was 110F outside the insulin was at 81F ! that's below the limit of 86 and it stayed like that for hours! Second

- Camile Khakinov

I've asked my nursing professor about this product. She is in fact using it and highly recommends it. Just replace the pen cap with this one and you're good to go, nothing else to do and the insulin is kept cool. This can stay on your pen since it is very small and doesn't take space.

- Ruby Boone

I have been a diabetic my whole life and the effort that it takes to carry around my insulin and ensure that it is kept at a safe temperature can be a difficult process. My parents recently bought me the MY VIV CAP to make transporting my insulin a lot easier to manage. I can now just keep my insulin easily in my pocket or work bag. Would highly recommend this product.

- Sylvia Halton

Look, being diabetic sucks, alright? One of the anchors in our lives is we take insulin everywhere. But as a guy, I don't necessarily have a man purse to carry it in. This in a pocket works great. Had it in Hawaii for a week, and really made the trip easier than expected. It works kind of like those cups and coolers that seem to keep things cold forever. In this case it just prevents it from getting too warm and has a YES/NO sensor too. As long as we get a green it's still good. 12 hours on a tropical island would not make it go anything but green! I know they aren't cheap, but you don't want a cheap product anyhow. As I understand it, the battery is NOT replaceable and you will get about a year out if it. Not that it won't keep insulin pens cool afterwards, but that you don't have the powered sensor.... Still, I use it every... single.... Day…

- Reno Boyd

It is easy to use without the hassle of ice packs and great for winter months too. I love it. Diabetes is complicated enough without worrying about your insulin being too cold or warm. I love it!

- Hitomi Hutzell

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