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Is Your Insulin Safe To Use?

World-Renowned Yale Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology “Strongly Recommends” A Potentially Life-Saving Device For Insulin Pens


 Dr. William Tamborlane, the multi-award-winning diabetes specialist, gives a stern warning to insulin users unaware of this “invisible threat” - not all insulin pens are effective. 

In fact, there has been significant research about “damaged” insulin which most, if not all, of your local pharmacies don't tell you about.

“While insulin does not have to be refrigerated, it should always stay below 86° F and should not freeze, since exposures of insulin to undesired high or low temperatures have been shown to cause insulin to lose potency.” the 2010 ADA Outstanding Physician Clinician Awardee commented.

This simply means that if constantly exposed to temperatures above 86°F (30 °C), the insulin could become damaged, which may result in an increased dose of insulin over time.

And when you have very low blood sugar levels, you know what’s next - a hypoglycemic attack.

Hypoglycemic attacks lead to nausea, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, confusion, or even worse, coma or death.

And the worst part of this is damaged insulin “feels” and “looks” the same as good insulin.

This is what makes these attacks scarier.

Instead of being safe and having the peace of mind you and your family deserve, this false sense of security looms over.

People who use insulin regularly are putting themselves at great risk because of this.

Imagine you’re driving with your family when this “sneak attack” happens.

Or how about your loved one suffering from diabetes, alone and unaware?

Sure, there will be others who will tell you “there’s nothing wrong with my insulin!” until it happens to them… or you.

Dr. Tamborlane added: “It is extremely difficult for people who use insulin every day to maintain such requirements (constantly keeping your insulin pen at the right temperature) at all times.” 

There has to be a way to make sure you are 100% safe.

So far, the only options available to help keep insulin “cool” are gel packs, cooling wallets, and portable fridges - all of which won’t fit seamlessly in your pockets, in case of emergency.

But what if we tell you there’s a “stupidly easy” device that can make your insulin pens 100% safe and effective?

Hear what world-renowned Dr. Tamborlane has to say: “I am delighted to have this opportunity to endorse the use of the VIVI CAP1 to maintain optimal temperature control of temperature sensitive drugs. As a clinician and clinical investigator concerned about better treatments for diabetes, the VIVI CAP1 will be of particular benefit for my patients who require insulin shots, as the vast majority of patients use insulin pens for their daily injections.”


Ron Nagar

President & CEO

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