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Is Your Insulin as Safe as You Think It Is?

In simple terms, what is supposed to help you might have now become a liability.

You probably remember that at some time your diabetic educator or pharmacist told you that you should store your insulin properly and make sure that you’re either not exposing it to temperatures above 86° F, or allow it to freeze. If these aren’t met, the insulin then loses its potency and has the potential to put you or your loved ones in harm’s way - by making your insulin intake underdosed which leads to hyperglycemia, or overdosed which leads to hypoglycemia. Both attacks, if not treated immediately, will lead you straight to the Emergency Room. The “best-case” scenario is that you only have blurred vision, headache, fatigue, and nausea.

Everyday, There’s A Huge Chance Your Insulin Gets Damaged

The worst case? You could experience vision damage, organ failure, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, confusion, and the worst of it all, the risk of a coma or losing an arm or a limb in the process.


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A No-Nonsense, Easy-To-Use Product

We wanted to introduce something that doesn't add more unwanted stress to your daily routine. We wanted to take off some of that burden by creating a product which is basically “plug and play” - or in our case, simply “click and go.”

“What’s Wrong With My Insulin?”

And it’s all because you didn’t know about it sooner. You might be thinking that it’s unfair. You’re right! It isn’t fair. However, you have to understand that you aren’t the problem. Your doctors and pharmacists should have warned you about this. Or maybe, they just keep introducing “short-term” solutions so you can keep coming back to them. The truth of the matter is, you were deprived of this vital information which could cost you tons of money or even your life. Thankfully, you are still reading this, which means your life is about to change for the better.

You see, every moment you or someone you know take damaged insulin, you’re getting closer to experiencing all those life-threatening problems mentioned above.

100% Insulin Temperature Shield


Easy, One-Step, Click-n-Go Functionality

Fits Comfortably In Your Pocket

24/7, Maintenance-Free For Years

About The Team

Our multi-awarded team of doctors, researchers, and engineers, among which is Dr. William Tamborlane, multi-award winning Chief of Yale Medicine Pediatric Endocrinology, and is one of the most knowledgeable and well-respected doctors in the diabetic community, have put all their heart and soul into creating a product that ticks all the boxes when it comes to preserving insulin potency.

We went to great lengths to give you the only product in the world that deals directly with insulin damage, by creating a pen cap shield temperature so your insulin stays as good as new anywhere, everywhere.

And it’s not only them. Our XX,XXX customers think so, too.

VIVI CAP1 has a 100% success rate when it comes to keeping your insulin untouched by external forces. Whether you’re out in the heat of the sun playing with your kids, or sipping a hot chocolate in the chilly weather, our pen cap temperate shield gets the job done 100% of the time. And while there are other products out there offering the same solution, it’s not as effective and convenient as you would want them to be. Wallets, cooling bags, ice packs, and other products don't guarantee 100% damage-free insulin, which means that you aren’t even sure if your insulin is still effective or not. Aside from that, you can only bring them so far and at times, it becomes too inconvenient having to bring big bags with you everywhere you go.

Guaranteed To Get The Job Done

Discover how VIVICAP1 protects your insulin from dangerous exposure:
Discover how VIVICAP1 protects your insulin from dangerous exposure:

VIVICAP1 is made with unique insulation materials and heat-absorbing chemicals to protect your insulin every time it is exposed to different temperatures, keeping your pen in its recommended temp level.

Any time your insulin is exposed to ambient temperatures above 29°C or below 28°C, VIVICAP1 keeps it fixed at 28°C.

It has a built-in temperature indicator that will show if your insulin is at the right temperature and ready to use. 

Simply replace the insulin pen cap with VIVICAP1, wait for the click, and you’re all set! 

Limited-Time Offer

Normally, VIVICAP1 is sold at $119.99. And even then, at this price point, it’s still worth it as you’re not only saving a life, you’re also making it better by avoiding the costly, life-altering mistakes of using bad insulin.

However, for a limited time, we are slashing the price to just $94.99, which means you will be saving $25 that you can choose to spend on anything you want.

We put pride in our product and take all the necessary precautions with every single one of them. We want to make sure that you will have a high-quality product that is 100% insulin damage-proof. Partner that with high demand from consumers like you, we can't assure you that we'll have available stock in the near future, should you wish to buy it then. However, if you take action right now, we will give you a X% discount, bringing down VIVICAP1 for just $XX.XX! That’s only $XX.XX to get your life back - the life you rightfully deserve to live! What are you waiting for?

FREE 1-Year Guarantee

The compatible insulin pens are:

Thousands of our customers absolutely love it and have recommended them to their friends and family. Normally, we would sell this for $119.99, but we have a limited offer for $25 off while supplies last. However, if you take action right now, then you can get it for only $XX.XX! So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to choose VIVICAP1 and never worry about your insulin going bad ever again!

What are the compatible insulin pen?


NovoLog ® , NovoLog ® Mix , Levemir ® , Victoza


NovoLog ® , Tresiba ® , Fiasp ® , Levemir ® , Saxenda ®

Humalog ® , Humalog ® Mix , Basaglar ®

Apidra ® , Lantus ® Admelog® , Soliqua®

*Does not fit Toujeo ® 

Should VIVI CAP1 be recharged ?

No, VIVI CAP1 does not have a rechargeable battery and does not depend on electrical power for its function. The battery in the device runs the temperature sensor and light indicator for short time and with proper use, can last several years

When should I replace my VIVI CAP1 with a new one?

VIVI CAP1 comes with one- year limited end user warranty . With proper use, the device works for years. It should be replaced when the light indicator does not function.

What Approvals Does It Have?

VIVI CAP1 is FDA registered CLASS 1 Medical device, has CE mark in Europe and ISO13485 medical device certification

Why is it important to protect the insulin from heat and cold?

Insulin loses its potency with time and exposure to temperature . To maintain its potency it should be kept refrigerated before use and during use it should not be exposed to temperatures above 86F and should never freeze .
Keeping insulin at all times according to the manufacturer’s recommendation is important for maintaining its maximum  potency

What maintenance VIVI CAP1 requires?

VIVI CAP1 does not require any maintenance , no need to charge it or placing it in the fridge. After initial fitting to your insulin pen with one of the supplied adaptors, simply use it as your pen cap . It fits most of the prefilled insulin pens.

Please review the user guide before fitting it to your pen

Was it Tested?

VIVI CAP1 successfully passed performance tests and the results were published in Expert Opinion on  Drug Delivery 2017 Jun;14(6):709-714 

Does it require a prescription?

No, You can purchase VIVI CAP1 without prescription

  • No More Big, Inconvenient Cooling Bags!
  • No More Freezing Icepacks
  • One-Year FREE Limited End-User Warranty!
  • Works 24/7 For Years!

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