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A No-Nonsense, Easy-To-Use Product

providing you peace of mind about your insulin making sure that it’s protected from external temperatures and never run the risk of injecting ineffective, damaged insulin ever again.

Its revolutionary technology keeps your insulin safe from extreme temperatures so that whether you’re out in the sun, or in the cold, you will always have your insulin protected.

The compatible insulin pens are:


NovoLog ® , NovoLog ® Mix , Levemir ® , Victoza


NovoLog ® , Tresiba ® , Fiasp ® , Levemir ® , Saxenda ®


Humalog ® , Humalog ® Mix , Basaglar ®


Apidra ® , Lantus ® Admelog® , Soliqua®

*Does not fit Toujeo ®

Free 3 Years Warranty

We offer a free limited 3 years extended end user warranty* which means if within three years of purchasing, your products stop working as intended, we’ll send you out a new one, so you can get back on track again!

Thousands of Satisfied Customers!

I purchased it for my son, so his insulin is kept cool while he's outside. It's very convenient since he does not have to do anything !:) It is really small, sits inside his bag and when I checked it, the insulin was cool. Keeps him safe and that's what matters.

- Omar Spence

“I've studied the cooling bags and when I learned about this one, I was skeptical. The cooling bags did not work for me, is this one any different? Well, the short story is that it works. If you continue reading, you'd find out why I say that. First I've measured the temperature of the insulin with one of these infrared thermometers. When it was 110F outside the insulin was at 81F ! that's below the limit of 86 and it stayed like that for hours! Second

- Camile Khakinov

I've asked my nursing professor about this product. She is in fact using it and highly recommends it. Just replace the pen cap with this one and you're good to go, nothing else to do and the insulin is kept cool. This can stay on your pen since it is very small and doesn't take space.

- Ruby Boone

I have been a diabetic my whole life and the effort that it takes to carry around my insulin and ensure that it is kept at a safe temperature can be a difficult process. My parents recently bought me the MY VIV CAP to make transporting my insulin a lot easier to manage. I can now just keep my insulin easily in my pocket or work bag. Would highly recommend this product.

- Sylvia Halton

"Basically replaces my pen's cap and keeps my pen in a cooler, steady temperature. Easy to carry in my purse and I love the fact that there is no need to do anything like replacing a battery, charging and putting in the refrigerator over night"

- Lital

30-Day Money Back Guarnatee

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and that is why we are offering all customers a 30-day money-back guarantee!
If you are not satisfied with your VIVI CAP, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the compatible insulin pen?


NovoLog ® , NovoLog ® Mix , Levemir ® , Victoza


NovoLog ® , Tresiba ® , Fiasp ® , Levemir ® , Saxenda ®

Humalog ® , Humalog ® Mix , Basaglar ®

Apidra ® , Lantus ® Admelog® , Soliqua®

*Does not fit Toujeo ®

Should VIVI CAP1 be recharged ?

No, VIVI CAP1 does not have a rechargeable battery and does not depend on electrical power for its function. The battery in the device runs the temperature sensor and light indicator for short time and with proper use, can last several years

When should I replace my VIVI CAP1 with a new one?

VIVI CAP1 comes with three-year limited end user warranty . With proper use, the device works for years. It should be replaced when the light indicator does not function.

What Approvals Does It Have?

VIVI CAP1 is FDA registered CLASS 1 Medical device, has CE mark in Europe and ISO13485 medical device certification

Why is it important to protect the insulin from heat and cold?

Insulin loses its potency with time and exposure to temperature . To maintain its potency it should be kept refrigerated before use and during use it should not be exposed to temperatures above 86F and should never freeze .
Keeping insulin at all times according to the manufacturer’s recommendation is important for maintaining its maximum  potency

What maintenance VIVI CAP1 requires?

VIVI CAP1 does not require any maintenance , no need to charge it or placing it in the fridge. After initial fitting to your insulin pen with one of the supplied adaptors, simply use it as your pen cap . It fits most of the prefilled insulin pens.

Please review the user guide before fitting it to your pen

Was it Tested?

VIVI CAP1 successfully passed performance tests and the results were published in Expert Opinion on  Drug Delivery 2017 Jun;14(6):709-714 

Does it require a prescription?

No, You can purchase VIVI CAP1 without prescription

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