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“Is Your Insulin as Safe as You Think It Is?”

For patients with diabetes on insulin, the accuracy of dosing, and proper use of your insulin pen is so important.

But what if there is another factor is at play here; threatening to expose patients with diabetes to what could be dangerous fluctuations in blood sugars.

What if your insulin is not working properly?

When exposed to high or low temperature, insulin can easily get degraded or damaged, and lose some of its potency.

What may surprise you is that this loss of potency cannot often be seen with the naked eye or felt in the moment of injection .


In simple terms, the insulin you depend on to keep blood sugars balanced, may have lost some of its ability to control your blood sugars properly.

Today, millions of Americans are at risk of taking damaged insulin. Any moment, anyone can be a victim. It is important then to understand why ineffective insulin should never be taken lightly. Here’s why.

You may be using insulin that is not as effective as it needs to be!

You may recall that you were instructed by your Diabetes Care and Education specialist or Pharmacist on how to properly store your insulin.

You may not have been told what can happen if these requirements aren’t met. Your insulin will not work properly if stored incorrectly, which may lead to extreme high or low blood sugars.

Next Time You Won’t Be So Lucky…

You know there are hundreds of factors that can affect blood sugars; you don’t need to add damaged insulin to that list while your mind races to find a cause of unexplained blood sugar fluctuations.

The worst case?

You could experience vision damage, organ failure, loss of consciousness, and slurred speech!

All because of bad insulin?

Don’t jeopardize your diabetes control by using damaged insulin. Save yourself the cost of throwing away pens that don’t work properly simply because they weren’t stored correctly.

Take care of your insulin so it can take care of you!! Our solution is simple and cost-effective. It helps protect your insulin from temperature extremes. Especially in these times, when we are traveling more on foot or by car; we need that extra level of protection where the heat of the car or the cold weather can cause damage to insulin.


When you take your insulin, you need it to work properly. Our mission is to help ensure that it does.

We’ve spent countless hours of research and tests to create a fool-proof, 100% damage-free insulin that, no matter whether you’re in the Sahara Desert or in the North Pole, your insulin is still as good as new.


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  • Runs 24/7, maintenance-free for years 
  • Fits comfortably in your purse or even pocket
  • FDA-registered 
  • Shipped from our warehouse in the USA 
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Free 3 years warranty*

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Easily measure the insulin temperature:

Just press the button- and observe the indicator GREEN your insulin is at a safe temperature

You can monitor the temperature using the push bottom of the electronics which provide intuitive indication on the temperature of the drug.

The compatible insulin pens are:


NovoLog ® , NovoLog ® Mix , Levemir ® , Victoza


NovoLog ® , Tresiba ® , Fiasp ® , Levemir ® , Saxenda ®


Humalog ® , Humalog ® Mix , Basaglar ®


Apidra ® , Lantus ® Admelog® , Soliqua®

*Does not fit Toujeo ®

Get the best temperature protection for your Insulin Pen TODAY

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the compatible insulin pen?


NovoLog ® , NovoLog ® Mix , Levemir ® , Victoza


NovoLog ® , Tresiba ® , Fiasp ® , Levemir ® , Saxenda ®

Humalog ® , Humalog ® Mix , Basaglar ®

Apidra ® , Lantus ® Admelog® , Soliqua®

*Does not fit Toujeo ®

Should VIVI CAP1 be recharged ?

No, VIVI CAP1 does not have a rechargeable battery and does not depend on electrical power for its function. The battery in the device runs the temperature sensor and light indicator for short time and with proper use, can last several years

When should I replace my VIVI CAP1 with a new one?

VIVI CAP1 comes with three-year limited end user warranty . With proper use, the device works for years. It should be replaced when the light indicator does not function.

What Approvals Does It Have?

VIVI CAP1 is FDA registered CLASS 1 Medical device, has CE mark in Europe and ISO13485 medical device certification

Why is it important to protect the insulin from heat and cold?

Insulin loses its potency with time and exposure to temperature . To maintain its potency it should be kept refrigerated before use and during use it should not be exposed to temperatures above 86F and should never freeze .
Keeping insulin at all times according to the manufacturer’s recommendation is important for maintaining its maximum  potency

What maintenance VIVI CAP1 requires?

VIVI CAP1 does not require any maintenance , no need to charge it or placing it in the fridge. After initial fitting to your insulin pen with one of the supplied adaptors, simply use it as your pen cap . It fits most of the prefilled insulin pens.

Please review the user guide before fitting it to your pen

Was it Tested?

VIVI CAP1 successfully passed performance tests and the results were published in Expert Opinion on  Drug Delivery 2017 Jun;14(6):709-714 

Does it require a prescription?

No, You can purchase VIVI CAP1 without prescription